UFO…or not.

The other evening I looked up in the sky and saw a dark object hovering in the sky.  I observed for about a minute when it suddenly put on a burst of speed and moved what appeared to be a great distance to the south west.  It hovered there again for another half a minute and shot off to the south east.  Was this some extra-terrestrial vehicle moving against all physical laws?  No it was in fact a bird struggling against an extremely strong wind from the north, I thought to myself as I watched that the poor thing was displaying many of the same characteristics that are attributed to so called UFO’s.  It makes me wonder just how many such sightings are in fact just birds, besides the other phenomenon that are labled as “unexplained”, yet have likely explainations (ie Venus, weather balloons, planes, the moon….etc).


5 Responses to “UFO…or not.”

  1. That type of movement makes me think of that astronomical phenomenon (I can’t seem to remember the name) where, because of Earth’s revolution around the sun, and it’s continuous rotation around its axis points, stars and planets can appear to stop in the middle of the sky, go backwards, and then continue on their way.

    PS. The phenomenon is known as retrograde motion.

  2. PPS. Upon closer examination, I realize you already mentioned Venus, which is known for its retrograde motion (sorry for the redundancy :P)

  3. I should also mention that it was a completely overcast day and said “object” was below the clouds

  4. It was my buttocks

  5. Hi there, I stumbled upon your blog site through Google while searching for Weather Balloons and your post caught my interest .

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