The End of the old and The Beginning of the new.

Finally I have been removed from the member records of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and can offically call myself an exmormon. Thank you again for the support in this arduous process.


9 Responses to “The End of the old and The Beginning of the new.”

  1. jodimardesich Says:

    congratulations on thinking for yourself, for sticking with it. I got the exact same letter yesterday. my removal wasn’t such an ordeal… they only sent me the one letter about a month after i first sent mine. i didn’t get a visit or letter or call from the bishop. it just took them four months, but they processed it and i’m officially disconnected from them. i like the title of this post. because it really is the beginning of the new. and the ending of the old is necessary for the beginning of the new.


  2. Congratulations Jodi, good to hear that not everybody gets this treatment. I hope that others speak up and do what we did.

  3. dabblingchemist Says:

    Congrats on your new, improved life!

  4. Sorry Nathan, but we just had you declared dead and rebaptized in the temple.

    (I am soooo going to hell for that one)

  5. Aaron you should know I have been planning on my will containing a clause forbidding any posthumous baptisms/rituals inducting me to any religion.

  6. So the viking funeral is out too, huh?

  7. Here’s a video you might want to look at:

    It’s not a missionary video. It’s actually Penn Jillette talking about his encounter with a man who gave him a gift of a Bible.

    You might be suprised to hear what he says.

  8. Congratulations!
    You’ve inspired me — I’m going to get my name out of the Catholic Church records one of these days.

  9. Hey! Way to go!!! I resigned from the Mormon Cult almost 7 years ago. My 3 kids sent their resignation letters in last month.

    I noticed on your YouTube account that 2 days ago some active Mormon said that Satan got to you and that you needed to come back to the “truth”.

    I swear, the Mormon Cult has more pricks like this guy! They come at you with a bunch of self-rightous nonsense in order to make themselves feel good. They could care less about you as a person.

    Again, good for you! I wish you the best in the future.

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