Wow where have I been? Mormon resignation update.

I know it has been a while since I last posted, and for that I do apologize to those who are reading. I just wanted to give an update to my ordeal with the Mormon church.

I did get a visit from the local bishop and made it absolutely clear to him my displeasure regarding the unnecessary hoops I was being made to jump through. I made sure my tone was polite but firm. A couple of days later he dropped off a letter confirming that my request was being processed, I am still waiting for the “official word” from member records but for now it looks like I will be getting my wish.

To those of you who have supported me through this as it has been a far more emotional ride than I anticipated, and my good friends in the skeptical community at large were integral to the process. I eagerly look forward to having a celebration once I get the final notice from the church.


5 Responses to “Wow where have I been? Mormon resignation update.”

  1. I’m glad you feel you are being heard, and it’s good to put this sort of thing in the past. I was thinking yesterday though, if you had success simply with a letter to Salt Lake City, how easy it would be for people to write a letter stating they are, me for example, and have my name removed without my consent. You may see it as ‘hoops to be jumped through’ but members of the organization probably see it as a way to confirm authenicity of a request. Your bishop has seen you in person and knows you are actually the author of the letter. Hence, your demand is being processed. I know, you aren’t looking for reasons why the system is in place. It has been difficult and time consuming for you. Good luck with all you do with your new found freedom Nathan. Put it to good use, and remember those of us that will be friends no matter what (hope that goes both ways!) 🙂

  2. The Science Pundit Says:

    Janine has a good point, but there’s also a limit. Sure a store wants to verify that the item you’re returning was actually purchased there, but sometimes they make it so difficult to get a refund that you can’t help wonder if their real message is “You don’t really want your money back.” And certainly cults are notorious for going to extemes to hold onto membership–oftentimes under the guise of “We’re only looking out for what’s best for you.” There’s a great video where you can see this in action (the video is satire, but as is often the case, it’s description is all too real).

    My guess is that the Mormon Church falls somewhere between the store and the cult in why it’s erected all the barriers it has. But I can’t know for sure since I’m not the one who’s had to jump through those hoops. For now, I’ll trust Nathan’s judgment on that.

  3. Hey Janine

    I do appreciate your friendship (we have known each other a long time). My fight with the church isn’t meant to sever my ties to friends and family. You have been far more understanding than many others and that I do appreciate.

    I want to address the ‘authenticity argument’, and both you and The Science Pundit have inspired a new blog post. I’d encourage you to read and comment.

  4. I received the same “ecclesiastic” letter form SLC as well when I tried to resign from the LDS church.

    What a load of hogwash from these people that try and say that it is the Salt Lake’s attempt at possible fraud protection.

    The aim of the church is to delay things, and will often simply spend 30 days wasting time with paperwork between the bishop’s office and the stake president, in the hope that you will somehow change your mind in those 30 days. Then the tithe money they would receive from you is still intact…This is their greatest concern…..not in honouring your right to leave the church, and treating you like an adult, or anything like that.

    The LDS, especially the royalty/blood types that prevail in Utah, Alberta, and such simply thing they somehow can treat people like garbage and get away with it. The church assumed for so long that it can think for you, what you eat, dress, think, how you vote…….do you think they would let go of that power, to decide that you need another 30 days, because you “don’t really want to leave the church”, “they really do know best”

    The leadership are biggest bunch of hypocritical liars I have ever come across on this planet…you are very lucky to be away from them now.

  5. WOW! What a maroon! You call yourself an atheist. You truly are an idiot. The population of atheists in America are shrinking and soon will be a thing of the past. America is turning back to God whether a dumb canadian liberal such as yourself. I know you never respond to me because you know I will put yu in your place. I am Mormon but not the kind of Mormon that lets idiots like you push us around. And a shave, shower and diet would do you real good. YOU SUCK!!!

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