Edmonton Skeptics In Cartoon Form

The face of The Edmonton Skeptical Society has been caricatured by our friend and Skepchick Jill. I Feel truly honored to have such an awesome sketch made of me, and my friends. Those who aren’t friends with such an awesome person should be jealous.

In order Me (hey it IS my blog), Desiree, Sean, and Mike. Jill is full of awesome for these.

@northernskeptic Here you are. I re-did this about seven time... on TwitPic @teh_skeptic This is just a rough sketch. I promise it will g... on TwitPic

P on TwitPic And here's @Dippoldism...and my hand is officially dead and m... on TwitPic

Now go click on the hyperlinks and check out Jill’s site 😀


9 Responses to “Edmonton Skeptics In Cartoon Form”

  1. If my hand wasn’t threatening to fall off, I’d continue the drawing.

    I’m glad you like your drawing. That’s the whole point, I like making my friends happy. 🙂

  2. You did amazing work Jill 😀 I’m sure glad to have you as a friend (and not just for the art)

  3. frankenjill Says:

    Sure, sure. I’m on to you…using me for my art skills! *Sob*


  4. no it’s also because I’m an insufferable fanboy too

  5. 😉

  6. They look awesome Jill.

  7. frankenjill Says:

    Just wait, Richard, you’re next! I just ran out of sketchbook after drawing Mike.

  8. Jill, I think it’s already been said in multiple ways…

    You rule. In many ways additional to the drawing one. 🙂

  9. What Des said 😀

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