Mormon Response to My Resignation Letter

Today I received the long awaited response letter to my resignation from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Needless to say I am not happy with their response. Not only did they refuse to process my request, they sent my letter to the local stake president so that he in turn can send the bishop that covers my area to me.

I will be using Mormon No More again to help set these guys straight. In the meantime I’m including scans of the letter and the pamphlet for your amusement (minus my return address for my roommates sake) and my obligatory dramatic reading from YouTube

Mormon Response Letter




30 Responses to “Mormon Response to My Resignation Letter”

  1. mormonnomore is an awesome resource, and it seems like this is happening to a ton of people who request their membership be abolished. Keep at it dude, brighter days are ahead.

  2. Richard (Chaz) McCoy Says:

    May the force be with you…

    And by the force I mean the back of your hand knocking your rights right out of a controlling environment back into your park.

    I have no cares one way or the other from the religious stand point, however it’s like sinning up for the “do not call list” and having research marketers call you 5 times a week to figure out why you want to be on the do not call list and then ask you to reconsider.

  3. The Science Pundit Says:

    Wow! I can’t believe that you weren’t moved by that wonderful insert. I, of course, am now considering becoming a Mormon after hearing you read the good word.

  4. shamelesslyatheist Says:

    Ah, you’re the guy that spoke up at the PZ Myers talk in Calgary on Sunday. Kudos to you. You have guts and conviction. The ovation you got was deserved.

    Last year I finally got round to asking a question: was I ever baptized? I was thinking of doing a Richard Harris and reversing the process. Bless my mother, but I was never baptized. I wasn’t sure whether to be elated or disappointed. But at least I’m 100% undiluted atheist.

    Looks like in your case, LDS needs to learn about customer service.

  5. Nathan, we do love you. I’m not just saying that cuz I’m Mormon, or cuz I’m friends with your sister, I’m saying it cuz it’s true, and cuz I do worry about you, and many others with similar feelings about church (Yes, ppl I know, not just in general. I’d like to say I care about everyone, but that’s not true, cuz it’s hard to care about someone you’ve never met, or is just a jerk in general.) You have grew up with something I wish I’d had. Yes, I know you’re dad has been ill a long time, and it’s often hard to listen to your mom. (I try to look interested, but my mind usually drifts off before she’s done, and don’t tell her that, I do love her too) but you’re basing all of this on your family. You’ve never stopped to see how wonderful it is to have a family that wants to stay together for eternity. Jesus Christ can heal that hurt. He felt everry hurt of everyone. And he still loves us all, even knowing all the hurts we’ve inflicted on each other. If your having a hard time, then work thru it. Don’t take your name off the records; don’t annul the family sealing your parents wanted for you. And wanted before they became ill, and were still able to think cleary, and with hope for the future. Give them that hope back. Love them anyways.

  6. That’s just absurd. It’s like quitting a job and your employer saying “no thanks”. That “please please please don’t go” prewritten letter is utterly condescending considering your stated reasons for leaving the church. I have never seen a more impersonal attempt to get someone to stay in a church.

    On the other hand, I’ve never heard the word “prayerfully” before, and I like learning new things.

  7. Kerry

    I DO love my parents but I also love many of my friends dearly too, and that is why I must make stand for what is right. Everybody deserves the same right to choose who to be with and the church actively opposes that, I cannot allow my name to be used to bolster hatred and intolerance which is just what the church is doing.

    You talk of Jesus, healing my hurt, the thing is I don’t feel pain like that. If there was a god (and I strongly doubt that) and he pointed to Jesus’ suffering as evidence of his love I would call him sick and sadistic. Any supreme being who lacks the capacity for forgiveness unless it is accompanied by the brutal torture and murder of his own son is morally inferior to any rational person walking the world today.

    The appeal to eternity is a fear tactic, not only do I not believe in an afterlife but find the concept disturbing, when we truly imagine eternity beyond the first thousand, million, billion years then we can see that even the most pleasant rendition will become unbearable.

    Finally if given the choice now I would never have chosen to be sealed. While I don’t wish deliberate harm on Mom and Dad I have to do this if I’m going to be true to myself and they will have to learn to accept it.

  8. Hi,
    I came across your blog via reading comments in PZ’s. I noticed you were displaying the “A” and I didn’t recall your name in the Out Campaign blogroll so added your blog.

    Thanks for your support and showing all what a bunch of sadistic loons the Mormons are.


  9. oh wow Mike thank you

  10. Hi Nathan,

    I was one of the people applauding you at PZ’s lecture in Calgary. I just want to say that I support you in what you are trying to accomplish and encourage you to continue to do what you know is right. Stay strong!

    Also, it’s nice to meet fellow Calgarian non-believers. 🙂

  11. I hope it works out. Best wishes.

  12. Thank you truly Zetetic but I have to inform you I’m from Edmonton I made the trip with friends to see PZ at both events.

  13. Hi Nathan,

    I just found your site via PZ’s blog. I’m also a former LDS and have been through the resignation process. I just wanted to let you know that the letter you received is a form letter that they send to everyone. I don’t know what you wrote in your original resignation, but if you used the wording suggested in Mormon No More (which is the site I used–what a great resource!) and stated your resignation as effective immediately, then that’s it, you’re out! Woohoo!

    The rest is their own bureaucratic brouhaha–not your problem. You’ll receive a follow-up letter in another month or two telling you that your resignation is complete (WRONG! It was complete the second they received your resignation letter.). I doubt any local church officials will come bother you.

    Anyway, just wanted to offer a little reassurance about your letter. I got the same letter and the same pamphlet (with the Gordo trio instead of the new three-headed beast, but the same words), and there was no follow-up on the local level.

    Best of luck to you!

  14. thanks Betsy

    I actually posted the letter’s contents prior to mailing it so I’m confident I actually made it clear that I resigned, I’m just a bit pissed at the games they try to play just to hold onto their numbers.

  15. What a joke. Best of luck getting them to complete the process. Is there any way to follow up and ensure that you are not listed in their membership once they do process your request?

  16. I commented on PZ’s blog about Mormon No More before I came here and found you already know about it. Oh well. 🙂

    Best of luck to you on all of this! I know for me it felt really good to finally be off the records and free of the church.

  17. Hi Nathan,

    I was one of the people at the U of C lecture and the female half of the couple you shook hands with shortly afterward. I just wanted to swing by and commend you on your bravery for doing this. I had a similar falling out with my mother after I officially renounced my resignation from her church (one of the nuttier Evangelical ones), luckily her dismissal of me from her life was short-lived.

    There is hope that your parents will get over it enough to ask you back into their lives.

    Don’t give up, man!


  18. […] church itself did not even acknowledge this as a reason in their official correspondence with me. They simply referred to the matter as ecclesiastical in nature, which required local […]

  19. Dear Nathan,

    I came here via Twitter (@gwup). I’m an atheist as well and active in the German Skeptics’ Association. I’ve never been a Mormon but a Catholic, and I’ve left this church about two years ago. All I had to do was to go to the registry office in the city hall, sign a piece of paper and pay a fee of about 30 bucks. This was quite easy. Your fight is much harder, and I admire you for your courage and strength in your self-fulfilment. I think it’s really courageous to blog/vlog about the process, your family’s reactions and your feelings. I take my imaginary hat off to you. May your example help other atheists-to-be.

    I wish you all the best! Never surrender!

  20. Resignation Letter Sample Says:

    I never knew issues like this will also require proper resignation process. I wonder how your resignation letter sample looked like. And I hope you don’t mind me asking whether The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is “straight catholic?”

  21. Wow,

    Ive never heard of someone speak so angry about the mormon church. I understand that you may be going through a very tough time and that the world has spinned and twirled in so many ways, but if you have a good attitude about life most likely you can face any challenge that is presented to you. I love the same GOD that most people adore. As well as the standards that the LDS church has. What happens is that it can be a challenge in so many ways but it is a blessing to have the truth here on earth and that we are guided by someone with the proper authority. I will pray that your heart be softened and that things will go well in your life. Pray and the doors shall be opened unto you. Dont have any hate or grudges. The only thing your doing to yourself is pulling your self down. I know of many wonderful people that arent mormons and that are totally against what the church teaches, but in my eyes they are still people with souls. I have gay friends and friends who drink and party and committ serious sins but its okay I am there for them when they need me. I am not a GOD to condemn them, but I know that the principles that the church has taught me will benefit all people. I had a miscarriage 2 weeks ago and beacuse of my great faith i was able to bare through what i desired the most and it keeps me going because the people i service need me. I work at a teen shelter and I hate to hear kids talk about the violence at home and that they got raped or that parents want to turn over their rights becuase they dont know how to raise and discipline their own children. Families are broken up on the regular bases. What they dont have is what you decided to give back? What you need to do is get on your knees and plead with that god that gave you life and health. Ask him to give you a clear mind so you may have the ability to make the right choices. Dont try to please people here on earth. Our time here is too short for that. As individuals we must worry about our own salvation. Your the only one that has the power to choose which way you go. Dont let people dictate how you should beleive, but u should ask the higher being WHAT IS THE REAL TRUTH. We are the imperfect ones not the LDS church. I will fast for you, I havent eaten so this prayer will be for you. Just remember that your Salvation is individual and if you know the truth and you wish to deny the promptings you can face harsher consequences. PRAY please so your able to know what to do. Dont ask miserable people advice the probably want to keep you in their same hula hoop. Take care, hugs and many more. Have a blessed life!

    Please take my words into consideration. No pressure or try not to misinterpret my intentions are not to get you back itno the church. I was once a nonbeleiver until my life changed. I never liked it when people yaked about the church but I owe more to my savior than anything. He actually kept me alive and keeps doing so now. My life was never oh so happy.

  22. I just saw your video. Let me say that I went through the same thing. I submitted my letter to the Church & got the same reply. I met with the Bishop but my name was never removed. At one time I had second thoughts but have since left the Church as you did. Basically, trying to get your name removed from Church records is like pulling teeth. It’s hard to do.
    I too have been invited back to Church. I love how they think that a generic apology will make everything right. I also love it when they say they ‘need’ me. How about ‘want’ me? There is a difference.

  23. Just about everyone gets that letter. No big deal. The bishop makes out a RAA, signs it and then the stake president signs it. It goes to the “church” office building and they send you the letter confirming that you are out. The reason is so that the bishop or whoever can try to wheedle you into staying, of course, and they keep getting their 10%. If you do not get your letter in, say, 30 days, call the Member Records department at 800-453-3860 ext. 22053. Ask to speak to Phil Baggaley and tell him that you have not received your letter and that you believe that the bishop is holding things up. You might want to say if you do not get that letter in a reasonable time you WILL involve your attorney and go to local and national media. LOL! The “church” hates litigation and negative publicity.

  24. Congratulations on getting the mass-produced pamphlet from the main-LDS Church. I know that this delay was a disappointment, but it’s now there new policy for slowing down the mass exodus out of the Mormon Kingdom.

    However, if you sent them another letter, you will get a confirmation letter. Do not be surprise if that letter lacks an official signature. This church is known for consistently using trickery in the past and I recommend that you make sure to request that your confirmation letter be signed.

  25. “The Church needs your strength, love, loyalty, and devotion.” (And also your unquestioning obedience, free labor, and 10% of your income.)

  26. john karri Says:

    For 7 years I was terminated from attending the ward/stake over blowing the whistle on some racist mob that pertitioned to immigration and had my beloved wife a christian political journalist sent home on death row. I went with her for 2 years along with my illness biopola manic depression. A long story cut short she survived, with new govenment voted in and my service as a teacher in muslem schools got her free praise the lord for that. As I was an excomunicated lds before I met my wife, I traveled to sth india from pakistan and inteviewed for re-baptism passed with flying colours. It would take another 6 months for first presidency approval. By then my wife had a permanant visa to australia. I arranged to be inteviewed by a new bishop who was an iron fist lawer by profession. He attacked me as some apostate because gossip he heard about our ordeal and related to members as racists, and felt that I had spoken against the church. he went onto stake pres god forbid as if the lord saw fit that such a man was the right guy for the job. It was the straw that broke my marrige. I was furious after all my wife and I had been through, let alone she suffered from stress a stroke from all the fear and paranoia. I was enraged and sought criminal activity to harm this stake president. A good samariton stopped to help me while a mormon modern levite priest ignored me who was on his way to the temple so to speak. I learnt that its not after all we can do we are saved by grace but rather after all we can do if have to use that expression is simply surrender to christ rightousness and deny all our filthy rags of rightousness and obdedience. It is through love first and acceptance of the atonement and grace that good works will naturally follow faith not the horse before the cart like mormonism teachings.
    Christians catch the fish first and christ cleans them but mormons clean the fish first and the devil catches them.
    See my articals on exmormon.orgbulletin site as australian down under.. thankyou…. all the best in your healing mate…

  27. when you want to cancel your cable, to you send a letter to the landscaping service of the cable company? what about the fleet manager or IT department? no, you call up the person whose job it is terminate service and go through the process they set up for cancelling your cable service.

    the LDS church membership department is staffed by paid employees, effectively file clerks. their job is to keep records organized and provide these records as needed to local units. they have no ecclesiastical authority to terminate membership any more than they do to grant it. the membership/records department referred you to the proper channel to fulfill your request, in fact, they went ahead and made the contact for you—sounds more like good “customer service” than games to me. you could have saved yourself the time and just called your bishop or stake president as they are the ones who do have the authority to act on your request.

    and of course they are going to ask you to reconsider. step back and be rational here. you are talking to people who believe in their religion sincerely and strongly believe you are making a mistake. i would only think less of them if they did not ask you to reconsider. you have two options at this point, you can get belligerent and angry that someone cares about you, or you can see it for what it is and politely thank them for their concern but insist on your membership termination. yes, it is that easy.

    i am truly sorry you feel as you do and have made this such a negative experience for yourself— and yes after watching your rants i do believe you have chosen to make this a negative experience. for someone who believes this life is all you get, you have chosen to spend a great deal of your precious time, the only time you believe you have, in this whole affair. why not just walk away and leave it at that. certainly there are better ways to spend your life than ranting and raving, spreading negativity and picking fights. it’s all pretty petty.

  28. Ex-Mormon Says:

    Congratulations! We left, too! What a nightmare. “I can see clearly now…”
    I’m glad you blogged this because we threw our letters away. Now people unfamiliar with the church always ask about them because they just can’t believe our story.
    I finally understand why people think the Mormon church is a cult.

  29. hazelnutmegan Says:

    Everything the church does follows a process. And in every process, there is ALWAYS SOMEONE WHO DEALS WITH A PERSON ON THE LOCAL LEVEL. Someone has to interact with you directly for anything that involves your ordinances and covenants. Can you imagine if this wasn’t the process? Then someone could change your records and ordinances without your permission. I could write a letter claiming to be you and have your records changed or annulled. It only makes LOGICAL SENSE that someone talk with you FACE TO FACE in order to verify that you would like your records removed.
    I understand that in your mind, you are escaping a church that you find to be stifling and overbearing, but try and see it from a member of the church’s point of view. In their mind, you are essentially saying, “I want to deny Jesus Christ’s Atonement in my life, and I don’t care about my Eternal Salvation.” You would probably get the same response if you went to your health care professional and said, “I am leaving the life of trying to be healthy, so from now on I am not going to come to your office anymore and I am going to drink alcohol and smoke everyday.” The doctor would probably say, “What you do with your life is ultimately your choice, but I wish you would reconsider. In my opinion your decision will be detrimental to you and your family.”
    No one would write a blog article about how overbearing that doctor was, and about how crazy they are because they are trying to help you be your best.
    Yes, I understand that you want to leave the church, and it would be much easier for you to just send in a letter and get it all done with, but understand that for logistical reasons that can’t be the process, and that those who are reaching out to you are doing it out of concern, not because of any desire for better numbers or more tithing payers.
    I have had several friends leave the church. I didn’t think that was the best decision, but I still enjoy their friendship and love talking with them about life and its many and varied challenges.
    I hope you were able to reach your goal of being severed from the Mormon church, but that you will not allow the frustration you felt during the experience blind you to the fact that there need to be official processes in place to protect you and that most people whether religious are not don’t have an underlying agenda, but are just trying to live the best they can and help others to do the same.

  30. 弁護士でしたら、普通の方では手も足も出ない借金の債務整理の方法、または返済方法を策定するのは容易です。そして弁護士に借金相談ができるというだけでも、精神的に楽になると思います。

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