Happy New Year!

This year has been one of great change and upheaval for me.  I have connected with old friends and made many new ones whom I now count among my closest.  From the downs of the loss of my job due to layoffs, to the ups of finding (with a friend’s help) gainful employment.  The severing of bonds with people from my past whose worldview I no longer share to being embraced by a community that understands and accepts my new way of life.  The darkness of the Bush administration finally falling, however a new battle in civil rights is lost on the same night.  This will be a year to remember.

Tonight I just want to say I love all my friends new and old, and my family despite our differences.  I wish to you and yours a safe and happy new year.


2 Responses to “Happy New Year!”

  1. Dave Cruickshank Says:

    I sincerely wish you much happiness and prosperity in your future. Changeing one’s world view is not an easy thing (I’m a dad, it happens often). Drop a note if you need to go for a beer and chat.


  2. come out to the reunion on the 17th it’d be fun to have a beer with you.

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