Fallout From my Letter

So it has been a week now and according to Canada Post my letter has crossed the border. Despite my concerns I have recieved a couple of messages from my sisters affirming their love for me without getting into the meat of my reasons for doing this, and right now I don’t have that much of a problem with that. The rest of my family haven’t commented or acknowledged what I did. I am sure that more than a few of them saw my posted item on Facebook but I’m guessing they may not wish the confrontation. I have had overwhelming support from my secular and humanist friends which I am ever grateful, their strength to stand by me as I drew my personal line in the sand was reassuring.

Separate from my blog of course is my YouTube Channel and the comments on my video there ranged from supportive to hostile. Here is a sampling some of the more memorable comments.


im tired of all these people with the theatrics of them denouncing the church. if you do that is your business. but this guy is trying to get the attention that is given to the church right now. and calling them names and saying they descriminate is just childish. they have beliefs that they defend and that does not make them evil.


Why are you giving up on God jus cause you had a bad expierence? I mean its your choice but it seems extreme, because there are other churchs out there that you might feel more comfortble in. jus a suggestion.God bless


The Lord said that as we get closer to the day of his 2nd coming.. there would be things that will seperate the wheat from the tares.

Better now than when someone really needs to depend on you.

While I found these amusing, since they range from the tired old “don’t give up on god” plea, to commenting for the sake of commenting, it was a private exchange with an old friend that got most of my attention.

I think it was due to the fact that both of us had left the church in our youth (I left at 19, he preceeded me by a year or 2) that I felt an obligation to try and convince him of my reasons.  What I got instead was a look into how I could have turned out, because unlike me he re-converted.  I think there are a number of reasons why some would de-convert only to re-convert and there will certainly be a number of different behaviours by those who go back.  In this case not only did he return to the church, but he also is expressing the same zeal that I did when I was losing faith.   As I saw myself drifting further and further I dug in hard and fought, in the end reason won the day but as I think back I was reluctant to even question my faith.

What follows are a few excerpts from the e-mails I recieved.  These are not in any particular order since the arguments in the e-mails were rather scattered at times.

Lets start with a self refuting statement.

If the argument was that freedom and liberty were at stake, I would be the first waving the flag of equality. But the issue is and always has been……..a title. Yes a title. Gays and lesbians are already guaranteed the same rights and liberties that heteros are. they just cant call the relationship they have “marriage”.

this of course is a contradictory statement, if they have the same rights then why are they denied marriage?

I was also subjected to attacks on science.

the real problem as I see it, is not fact, but perspective. You say that science is all but eliminating the need for faith. From my perspective science is finally confirming faith (read up on quantum mechanics and you’ll see why I believe this. Specifically, the double slit experiment as it pertains to the particle wave duality). Darwin has been, even in secular science, increasingly proven wrong. Not that there is no such thing as evolution, but that random mutation has facilitated the growth of the animal kingdom. read a book called “The science of God” by Gerald L Schroeder. We could go on for hours but I would be inclined to return to the simple unavoidable truth that it is absolutely impossible to prove that something does not exist…go ahead and try.

quantum mechanics, unsupported statements about darwin, and a reference to Gerald Schroeder as an expert. He sure was pulling out all the big guns.

For good measure, he was quick to point out his percieved view of society falling as evidence

I weep when I read of your faith in mankind Nathan. Just look at the break down in the Moral fabric of our nation. We teach our kids to always wear a condom….and then wonder why the teen pregnancy rate goes up along with the poverty rate. As poverty increases so does crime. As crime goes up so does the rate of broken homes. As the rate of broken homes goes up so does the lack of parental support and supervision. When children have no supervision they make bad choices and the teen pregnancy rate goes up…..I hope you see a pattern because I’M not typing that again.

So now we have condoms causing teen pregnancy which leads to all the ills of society, never mind that abstinence only education programs have seen an increase in teen pregnancy.

There are of course many more blanket assertions being made there, and I for a while thought to address them all.  In the end I just stopped responding, no good-bye nothing.  I don’t know if it was rude of me, but then again considering the tone of the e-mails I don’t think I could be faulted for tiring of the rhetoric.  The exchange though did teach me something, it tought me what I could have become.  Much of what was said I fully believed in my youth, however thanks to critical thinking and opening my mind to new experiences I have seen that such a dogmatic view of the world is neither correct or rational.


2 Responses to “Fallout From my Letter”

  1. Why do you hate God so much? 😀

    btw, have you recorded your song for that Q Transmissions contest yet? ;-P

  2. lol, god owes me five dollars 😛

    I recorded and sent my rendition already, you should send one too 😀

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