Mormon No More

I have today mailed my resignation letter to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saints.  I did this on lunch and found that the indoctrination I thought I had completely recovered from was still there enough to cause me to feel nervous and edgy.  I had to force my rational mind to overcome these feelings and finish work today.

I came to realize that I despise the fear that was bred into me, the insidiousness of religious upbringing over a decade later causing me to feel terror over a simple clerical request.  I felt I had to record a video to my YouTube channel, I’ll embed it below.  The agitation you will hear in my voice is real, but it does not mean I regret what I did.

If any of my family members found there way here, then please understand I had to do this.  Don’t mourn me I’m still here, I only hope that you can accept me for who and what I am.



10 Responses to “Mormon No More”

  1. OMG…what a DRAMA QUEEN!

    piece of advise..suck it up and get on with life…i have been watching your blog entries and all you do is wine and cry…pathetic!

  2. Thank you M Dowler for such a thought provoking and well meaning comment. What you said really touched me deeply and I hope that you can continue to bring such warmth and kindness to those you meet.

  3. Wow M. I think you’re a bit more of a Drama Queen if you feel the need to watch entries that you think are pathetic. Also, wine is what you drink, whine is all you did.

  4. Wow, gee M very poetic and well rounded … I guess trashing people on their blog is your way of helping them out … i’d really hate to meet you in real life …

    If Nathan felt the need to express his feelings and thought as he did that is his choice not yours and or anyone elses.

  5. Nathan you are my brother and dont worry I will always love you and accept you. Wether I agree with you or not. I love you.

  6. Yo Dowler, stop making this into a high school drama, your the fucking drama queen. ” Watching your blog entries ” what u have NOTHING better to do with your time? If ur going to make nathans’ site the center of your world, i say suck it up and get on with YOUR OWN life! This is nathans site he can say what ever he wants and if u dont like it… DONT FUCKING READ IT!

    HEY nathan 😛 GOOD JOB ! muah!


  7. Nice. Good job, man. Cheers!

  8. I don’t get why you made it. If you’re an atheist, what’s the matter to have your name written in some church’s archives? Are you afraid the LDS missionaries or home teachers or bishops or even prophets would come someday to get you in spiritual shape or something like that? That God would become to exist out of nothing and, in a spark of thought, He would look at the LDS archives looking for your name for a god-understandable reason?

  9. no I didn’t want a discriminatory group to use my name to bolster their stats, but then again I said that in my video and blog already

  10. Scepticism is a good place to be in; it is the default position that all people should take.

    Take care Nathan.

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